Remove iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Screen

In this video I will show you how to bypass and remove the iCloud activation lock screen. There are a couple of programs that will be needed to be download and install onto the computer. This has been tested on an iPhone 4 AT&T Unlocked Version in the United States It is the Only Device I have tested so far where it has bypassed and remove the iCloud activation lock screen

Download Links of the Programs:

Java Program:!FcwRga7L!IIG_qLjCcPg9b5rSpPvvdvUPam03XK0i2fOmTpKoSJQ

iOS Dev Pack Program:!8FI3QL6b!TsYH82p36O2VeyHr96gsVyG1CxIZpjHP_G3L9q3Lako and Install the java dev program and install the iOS dev pack program

3.Open the iOS dev pack program

4.Put your Device in DFU mode

5.Click On 1 to run ssh tool

6.Wait until ssh_rd tool is done (when you see Successful in GREEN letters)

7.Click number 2 to mount your device filesystem (if not mounted the first time, just close the window, and click number 2 again)

8.Now click number 3 to copy the needed files over to bypass the Appke ID/iCloud Lock on your iPhone Your device will reboot and go into restore mode

9 Click 4 exit recovery button

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