Festival Pencak Silat Jawa Barat 2014

2014 West Java Pencak Silat Festival was held on Kiara Payung Camping Ground, Sumedang - Indonesia.
One of the main purpose of this festival is to create national record of the most largest and epic Pencak Silat performance by over than 8000 fighters, given by Indonesian World Records Museum (MURI).
Around 8000 Pencak Silat fighters (pendekar) were joined and performed on this event. This event was specially held to re-invented the soul of Pencak Silat, to promote, to re-encourage people to learn and preserve this national heritage of Indonesia. Mr. Kuswandana said that this event is to streghten West Java province as well as other provinces in Indonesia as the center of excellent of Pencak Silat.

Distinguished people who attended this event are:
Mr. Eddie M. Nalapraya (PERSILAT)
Mr. Dede Yusuf (West Java province Vice Governor - also Pencak SIlat Practitioner)
Mr. Haji Yusyus Kuswandana (Initiator and Creator of the jurus)

Pencak Silat for the world.

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