Step by Step Harmonica Lessons - Lesson 1.

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I have been teaching harmonica for over 15 years and teaching has always been a very rewarding past time for me. Now that I have the tools to share my know-how with a larger audience I have designed a 10 part, step by step beginners harmonica course for video!

All you need to begin is a Diatonic Harmonica in the key of C. There are many different makes and models out there, though I recommend a "Hohner - Special 20".

Now, I guarantee that with regular practice and a strict "step by step" or lesson by lesson approach you will be up and running on the harmonica in a very short time. However, there is no rush, take your time to hone the skills presented in each lesson before moving on the next and by lesson ten you will be bending, Improvising and playing blues, country and folk music, with the knowledge to take your musical journey in which ever direction you like.

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