Meenam (மீனம்) Rasi Palan in 2014 | Astrology New Year Predictions | Puthandu Palangal | Pisces

Astrology - 2014 New Year Predictions | Puthandu Palangal | Rasi Palan
Wish you happy New Year 2014.

This year 2014 is begining on the star of Moolam in Dhanushu Rasi. Moon is receiving malefic aspect from Saturn and Benefic aspect from Jupiter. Jupiter will stay in Midhuna Rasi until Jun 18, 2014 and will be in Kataga Rasi for the rest of year. Saturn in Thula Rasi until Nov 02, 2014 and then move onto Viruchiga rasi. Rahu and Ketu Transit is also happening this year, Rahu will move onto Kanni Rasi from Thula Rasi on July 15, 2014 and Ketu will be from Mesha Rasi to Meen Rasi on the same day.

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