Surah Yusuf | Nasser al Qatami سورة يوسف ناصر القطامي

One of the most beautiful stories in the quran! May allah make us love, respect, and serve our parents like Yusuf [peace be upon him] did.

Joseph's story by christian tradition is similar. However the qur'an tells it much better from all criteria [personal opinion].

Surah Yusuf teaches us many lessons through the story of a most beautiful prophet of Allah SWT. May Allah bless us with Ya'qub's [pbuh] extraordinary patience and Yusuf's [pbuh] strength in upholding justice,

Regarding Mistakes - microsoft does not allow for the shaddah to be displayed with a kasra. It is instead displayed a shaddah+fathah. Follow the shaikh when in doubt as the recitation is correct.

new: kasratain also does not display correctly. please tell me if you find more.

Jazakallah khairan!
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